SoftERP (Complete Software Solution)

A Complete Solution
SoftERP is a new generation multi-functional solutions for comprehensive retail business for Point of Sales (POS) which helps in overcoming so many challenges. SoftERP includes Purchase, Inventory, Sales & Accounts modules; it helps to optimize the business intelligence for retailers who want to compete and thrive in the current challenging environment. This software is designed with very easy, intuitive and user friendly GUI. We regularly are in process to add new features & functionalities and provide upgrades for our products to our Point of sale users.more details

SoftInvertory (Complete Inventory Solution)

A Complete Inventory Solution
SoftInventory is a complete inventory management software; it optimizes all purchasing processes with the workflow driven processing functions, enables automated procurement and storing with accurate inventory management, and integrates purchase accounting as well as quality check of material at the time of receiving the same in the stores. SoftInventory identify and track all data processing assets in an Inventory System Repository and define the process by which assets are identified and maintained in the Inventory System.
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Pathology+ (Complete Pathology Management System)

Pathology+ (Complete Pathology Management System)
Pathology+ manages patient record in Pathology Laboratory and it is a complete pathology management system. This software allows user to enter patient test values and give test reports to the patients. Small-scale accounting could also be maintained in which the billing of patient and the commission of doctor is automatically calculated. This software fulfills nearly all needs and requirement of a small to big pathology. This software nicely manages inventory (Store) of pathology.more details

SmartShopping (e-Commerce Web Application)

SmartShopping (e-Commerce Web Application)
Our SmartShopping is a complete e-commerce web solution. We are on the trigger-happy, really-amazing-site side, but we’re always grateful that our ambitions are reined in by the actual business demands. If you want to develop your own e-commerce website , then you have a challenge: keeping your view realistic while maintaining your enthusiasm for the business planning. Our SmartShopping inclues all the facilities of an ultimate e-commerce site that delivers what you needs to be profitable.You can achieve the major benefits from SmartShopping. more details

SoftPMS (Project Management System)

SmartShopping (e-Commerce Web Application)
SoftPMS (Project Management System) is the project planning for the Architects thus maintains all the details of the constructed Buildings, buildings under construction, sites and apartments, with agreed amount and it include proper Billing/Invoicing facility. Project Management System includes facility for proper payment follow-up with remainder list. Also, it maintain the security and perfection with multiple users efficiently. This is a high performance LAN based multiple user windows application. more details

Test++ (Examination Management System)

Test++ is a LAN based software. It is a very useful software for educational institute. This software is very user friedly and flexible that includes user defined test facility and many more. Some features of this software are:

  • User friendly Administrator Panel with full control over the software.
  • User defined test pattern
  • Multiple test facility
  • User defined test duration & number of question in any test
  • Test activation and deactivation facility.
  • Test result generation.
  • Data backup/restore facility.
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